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 The Quality of Our Products:


In our sales policy is ensuring that all our products are made with top quality raw material, according to the standards established within the company, to ensure consumer safety.

To complete the above, the company developed the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and also for some time used the procedures followed in the methodology of the HACCP (Determination of critical points and risk control).

This is verified through the analysis of quality that makes permanent the Quality Control Laboratory established in the company. All products are under analysis to verify that they have been subjected to different treatments to the elimination of insects, microorganisms and fungi that may affect the health of consumers.

Within the main analysis to be made are the following: aerobic count, determination of E-coli, fungus, humidity, degrees brix, determination of acidity (ph) and others as the needs of each product.

An important part is the ongoing training received by staff of production, proper handling of raw materials and finished products and also from the point of view of personal hygiene, disease control, use of hats, Frenchy, ear protectors, etc.