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 Our Production System


For the development of various products, La Canasta has selected a group of suppliers with whom they have identified the quality characteristics of raw materials, so they are top quality and ensure the safety of products for consumers.

Normally most of our suppliers are small farmers, cooperatives and small distributors that supply local products, such as achiote, oregano, different fruit (tamarind, passion fruit, myrtle, rose of Jamaica, pineapple, coconut). They all know that raw materials are subject to prior inspection to ensure their quality and that those products will be returned if inadequate.

The various equipment and machinery used within the company, are of recent manufacture and suitable for food processing. The company has a variety of equipment that allows the proper processing of raw materials and finished products.
For the processing of raw materials, a group of mills is owned, and mixers of various types, food dehydrator, toasters, pulping, kettles, sieves, continuous sealers, dispensers, marker dates, etc.., which allows a large number of processes.

Among the companies the different production processes are separated to ensure the quality of products, so that the internal organization provides an administrative area for spices, for refreshments or for bird seed.

Today as the availability of personnel and equipment available within the company increases, shipment of a container can be shipped out within 15 days.

In the packaging of products is used for spices and soda, polypropylene laminate of different thicknesses, depending on product weight, in other cases, such as dulce de panela special film is used for this product and other products aluminized bags. In the on packaging, especially for export is used corrugated cardboard boxes, double wall, which ensures the stability and safety of products, especially at high temperatures, weights and abuse they suffer when sent over long distances. If the client requires pallets are used for the preparation of pallets, which have been previously fumigated and certified to meet the import requirements of other countries.