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 Market Trends in the Consumer Productos La Canasta



Spices are an ancient tradition in the preparation of food, because their use can improve and even change the taste of food, except that some of them help maintain food quality. As you will recall the original intent of Christopher Columbus was seeking a shorter route to find the spices in the Far Eastern countries.
So obviously that tradition will continue possibly for the rest of humanity and consumption will grow steadily as the population grows. Some spices are produced in the country and others are imported, however the development of national species are those that always have a special emphasis, such as annatto, sesame, oregano, allspice (sweet), laurel, etc.








Soft drinks are a major need of human beings, they help to restore the level of hydration your body needs  who by reason of normal human activity loses hydration  and over the weather conditions, demand have recovered the hydration products and also will provide additional elements of nutrition and energy.
The typical soft drinks produced by La Canasta, have many nutritional properties for humans, especially children. The fact that it contains only natural products is still an additional safeguard, it prevents that the human body has to process chemicals, preservatives or dyes, for which it is unprepared. The powdered fruit drinks still give an additional nutrient to consume as they allow the natural fruit indirectly, at any time of year, regardless of the harvest period. Additionally, they are free from any kind of harmful fat to the body (cholesterol, Trans fats) and other elements that may affect the health of human body such as sodium, used in addition to the recommended amounts.
The above means that the products of La Canasta, really are first needed and are prepared with the highest quality, to meet the needs of consumers that are increasingly growing.